Songs from the Vault

Saturday, 14 October, 2017 8:30PM
Bille Brown Theatre

Songs from the Vault
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Professional songwriters often compose for so many projects: artists, choral groups and celebrations that the general public rarely glimpse inside their catalogue other than hear a selection of their work performed.

Donna Dyson is the current APRA-ASA Australian songwriter of the year and her vaulted catalogue is being opened. You will be treated to the remarkable voices of soloists, choirs, collaborators, co-writers and friends who soar the heartfelt lyrics to your heart through their gifted voices in song.

This is only a tiny taste of her vast body of work which has been composed and created over the past four years. Prior to this, Donna Dyson spent her days as a professional educator, leader, university lecturer and published author. It wasn’t until a brain tumor and stroke suddenly took her sight that she gained her fulltime creative vision and composed an expansive music catalogue some would not complete in a lifetime.

Enjoy the stories behind the songs and the beauty of the music sung by remarkable voices including special guests: Tyrone Noonan, David Willersdorf, Damien Leith, Hillbrook Chorale, Vox, Queensland Show Choir, Brisbane City Sounds, Kat Bryant, Fran Morris, Tony Dee, Bek Hull, Sophie Banister and surprise international guest appearances handpicked for this special one night only performance.