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6 Plays - Auslan Interpreted Performances

(Multiple Venues)

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Auslan interpretation, provided by Auslan Stage Left, is scheduled for select performances at each production. The schedule of Auslan interpreted performances in 2019 is:

  • Death of a Salesman: Mon 18 February 2019, 6.30pm (Playhouse, QPAC)
  • Hydra: Mon 18 March 2019, 6.30pm (Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane
  • Barbara and the Camp Dogs: Mon 6 May 2019, 6.30pm (Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane
  • City of Gold: Mon 8 July 2019, 6.30pm (Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane
  • Storm Boy: Mon 5 August 2019, 6.30pm (Playhouse, QPAC)
  • L'Appartement: Mon 12 August 2019, 6.30pm (Cremorne Theatre, QPAC)
  • Fangirls: Mon 16 September 2019, 6.30pm (Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane
  • Antigone: Mon 4 November 2019, 6.30pm (Bille Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Rd South Brisbane

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    City of Gold   ·   More Info »
    City of Gold

    A battle cry from the front line of Australian identity
    All Breythe ever wanted was to be an actor, but this isn’t how he imagined his first big television gig – as a young Aboriginal man, being the face of a disastrous misfire of an advertisement that will get him roasted by his mob.
    When a messenger bird suddenly brings Breythe tragic tidings from his family, it spurs him on a journey of grief and duty. Returning home to Kalgoorlie, he is thrust headlong into family conflict and the reality of what it means to be an Indigenous youth in today’s Australia.
    Rising star Meyne Wyatt’s debut play is as riveting and unflinchingly honest as his stage presence. Urgent, wryly funny and politically incendiary, City of Gold is a call for change that will sound out for years to come.

    Storm Boy   ·   More Info »
    Storm Boy

    The beloved Australian novel given delightful new stage life
    Young Storm Boy lives a simple yet free life on the coastal wilds of the South Australian Coorong, combing the beaches with his reclusive father, Hideaway Tom.
    During a long summer, he makes two friends who will shepherd him from childhood into adulthood: the jester Fingerbone Bill, who teaches him about his country; and Mr Percival, an orphaned pelican who prepares Storm Boy for the wider world with a poignant lesson about love, loss and letting go.
    This landmark new production of Colin Thiele’s cherished yet bittersweet coming-of-age story brings together the creative forces behind Jasper Jones and The Wider Earth. It will touch the hearts of young and old with its masterful puppetry and boundless imagination.

    L'Appartement   ·   More Info »

    A comedy that asks if good intentions are the ultimate crime of the middle class
    It’s a dream holiday for Aussie couple Meg and Rooster – a decadent getaway in Paris in a swanky Airbnb, with fine wine, lavish food, and best of all, no three year old twins in tow – a chance for these parents to look after themselves, kick back and reconnect.
    But when they pick up the keys from their departing hosts – an achingly cool, overachieving young French couple – all it takes is 15 minutes for the trip to be derailed. And when they crack open a mysterious package that arrives on the doorstep, it throws up the biggest ethical dilemma they’ve ever faced.
    Razor-sharp and whip-smart, this edgy new comedy marks the directorial debut of one Australia’s most accomplished storytellers, Joanna Murray-Smith.

    Fangirls   ·   More Info »

    The new musical comedy about a poorly understood force of nature
    Meet Edna: She’s 14, chronically awkward, and everyone thinks she’s a serial liar. But none of this will matter when her REAL life starts. With Harry. There’s just one problem, Harry is in True Connection - the world’s biggest boyband.
    When True Connection announce a tour stop in Edna’s city, she realises that this is her one chance to meet Harry and convince him of their destiny. But just how far is she prepared to go in the name of love? Edna takes her obsession to unforeseen heights in this thrilling and hilarious musical comedy about first love, fan culture, and the danger of underestimating teenage girls.
    This world premiere by gifted young comedian, singer and playwright Yve Blake is stacked with insanely catchy numbers that will take you straight back to your first crush and make you feel ALL THE FEELS.

    Antigone   ·   More Info »

    The epic argument rages on
    A great city has been torn apart by a civil war between two brothers. In the aftermath, both lie dead – one hailed as a hero and lying in state, the other condemned as a traitor and dumped in a carrion pile. From the ashes of their conflict rises a dystopian state under a new leader – a career politician who rose to power by dint of her ruthlessness.
    Grieving and heartbroken, their sister Antigone challenges the leader for the right to bury and mourn her dead brother with dignity, sparking a furious act of rebellion that will shake the city to its foundations.
    In this lyrical adaptation of Sophocles’ timeless tragedy, award-winning Brisbane playwright Merlynn Tong adds an urgent modern twist, reuniting Christen O’Leary and Jessica Tovey after their triumphant pairing in Twelfth Night.